576 hours. 

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Every student has a total of 576 hours between finishing school (Friday 19th of Sept to Monday the 13th of October).

How students use this equal amount of time will have a large impact on the ATAR calculation come December 18th. Apart from the HSC CoWorks Mock Trial Exams(compulsory and included in your fees) students must be completing exam style tasks every day so that they are confident and ready to go in the real exam.

Eliminate distractions such as mobile phones (mobiles are banned in the learning space at HSC CoWorks during this period) and keep your eyes on the top of the mountain. Make every minute count towards the awesome feeling you will get when the results come out.

I can promise that you won’t regret it.

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Ethan’s University experience – Commerce/Science

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We interview Coach, Ethan Sommers, about his experience so far at USYD studying Commerce/Science.


1) What course/Uni?

Bachelor of Commerce/Science at the University of Sydney


2) What you like about your course so far?

I’ve enjoyed the way my subjects have gone into greater depth behind the topics that they teach. In particular, my mathematics subjects have tried to prove the things that they teach and give the reasoning behind concepts alongside attempting to give real life applications of the material. I’ve also liked the number of different subjects available in the course, which range from studying economics to studying mathematical modelling.


3) What you like about your Uni?

I like Sydney University because it is a relaxed learning environment with lots of interesting people.  Meeting other people in my course who have similar interests to me has been a highlight of my first semester and a bit at uni. I’ve also enjoyed joining clubs and societies such as the ski club as well as the History and French society and participating in these groups events.

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