January Office Opening Hours

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As we move into the Christmas Holidays, we wish you all a very safe and happy time with your families. As a reminder, here are our opening times for January 2015.
12th January: Online Marking Resumes

13th January (4-7pm): Holiday Support Session & Major Work Planning in BONDI and MOSMAN

16th January (4-7pm): Holiday Support Session & Major Work Planning in BONDI and MOSMAN

19th January – 23rd January: Study Bootcamp (BOOK NOW!)

27th January – 29th January (4-7pm): Holiday Support Session in BONDI and MOSMAN

30th January: Weekend Support Sessions Re-Commence for 2015

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English Extension Two – Tips for the Holidays

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If you’re an English Extension Two student, think about what you can get done these holidays.

Senior Coach Nechama Bass shares her insights and tips on the preparation of your English Extension Two Major Work…


It goes without saying that each English Major Work follows its own path to completion – that being said, there are certain milestones you can aim for by the end of these holidays. Maybe you know exactly where you want to be with your Major Work by the time school starts but if not, consider these suggestions:

  • You’ve probably already done some kind of a Viva Voce or proposal but make sure you’re really clear on your concept, audience, purpose, form etc (you know the headings they give you)! This will give your work a lot of direction, and you much guidance.
  • Aim for a substantial beginning with the writing itself. Obviously the length will depend on the form you’ve chosen but I would recommend having about a third of the thing written, even if it’s rudimentary. Trust me, time will get away from you next year and the more you get done these holidays, the better your base will be for next year.
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