How to Find your Passion & Purpose

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How To Find Your Passion & Purpose - HSC CoWorks

How To Find Your Passion & Purpose – HSC CoWorks

Sometimes, it may feel like you’re just bumping through life, aimlessly and without a purpose or a passion. People around you are so sure of what they’re going to do after school and with the rest of their lives.

It can be intimidating to know someone like that who seems like they have it all figured out when it feels like you haven’t. So, how do you know what you’re “supposed” to do with your life? How do you find out what your passion is?

1) Pleasure or pain – Humans move towards pleasure and away from pain. It’s what motivates us. Pay attention to what draws you in, those times in your life when you felt peak happiness. That’s pleasure. It could be when you finally pushed through something you thought was impossible. Maybe it’s the feeling of getting on an airplane. Use those moments of pleasure to help you figure what you really love and what excites you.

2) Experiences – It can be hard to know what your passion is if you don’t even know it exists yet. There’s a saying that goes, “If you want something you don’t have, you have do something you haven’t done”. Make it a goal to try out something new. Try a new food. See a different type of movie. Through these experiences, you’ll have more to learn about yourself and what really makes you happy.

3) Remember Your Passions –An old Buddhist thinking trick is not to try and solve a problem, but imagine you’re just trying to remember it. You’ll get out of the thinking of trying to find something that’s lost towards just remembering something you once knew. Everyone had something that they loved doing when they were 9 or 10. Before your friends, your parents, your teachers came along and told you what you should think; there was something that excited you in the past. Remember that passion.

The good news about this world is that there are careers and new jobs that never existed in the past. 10 years ago, no one grew up thinking they wanted to be a podcaster, a YouTuber or a social media manager. Your options are bigger than ever now.

When you figure out what excites you and draws you in, what experiences you loved and what you always remembered loving, you can create a career with those passions. University can give you new experiences and offer new learning that will give you more passions and experiences. Let those passions push you towards courses and studies that make you come alive. As Howard Thurman wrote, “The world needs more people who have come alive”.

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How To Supercharge Your Productivity

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How To Super Charge Your Productivity - HSC CoWorks

How To Super Charge Your Productivity – HSC CoWorks

How is it possible that business leaders, politicians, and even every other friend you have in school gets more stuff done during their day? How can they use their 24 hours in day better than you? We all have the same number of hours, so what makes them so productive?

You might spend two weeks on that report for school. Reading a chapter out of a book takes over an hour. Finishing homework just never seems possible. You have those shows in Netflix to watch. You have those texts and messages to reply? You have all those tweets and posts to catch up on throughout the day.

I think you might see my point. We all fill up our time. Some of us just actively choose more productive tasks.

So how do you get more productive?

It’s not hard. It’s actually just small steps you can take that can make big results. Use one or all of these tricks to supercharge your productivity mode.

1) The Pomodoro technique – This idea got really popular in the last few years. I suspect it’s partially because Pomodoro is fun to say and it sounds like a pizza special. It’s really just a way of thinking about time. It involves taking a set period of working time with a break in between. Do 25 minutes of work, and then take a 5 minute break. Do this 4 times and then take a 30 break. It keeps you charged up and focused.

2) Work until the wall – This is a saying among swimmers. They don’t look to their coach to tell when they are finished. They look to the wall. When they get to the wall, it lets them stop. Set a “wall” for yourself. Decide when something is done and set that as your finishing point. Do not stop, get distracted, or do anything else until you “touch the wall” or finish that task. Then you can allow yourself to stop.

3) Promise yourself it’s only short – As personal trainer Michelle Bridges would say, if there are days when she didn’t feel like training, she would promise herself only 10 minutes. If she still didn’t feel like it after 10 minutes, she would allow herself to stop. Most of the time, she wouldn’t stop because she already begun. If you don’t feel like doing it, tell yourself to do only 5-10 minutes. Anybody can sit down and do 5 minutes of work. Once you stop, you’ll have momentum and you won’t want to stop again.

It doesn’t take some massive mind shift or some awesome motivational speech. It just takes some small tricks and simple techniques to get supercharged and get stuff done. Start now and promise yourself it’s going to be 5 minutes more.

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