Should I Go To University? Learn About Yourself

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screenshot-2016-11-25-12-35-33In our series on whether you should make the decision to go to university, we look at several different reasons why we think it’s still the best option for your future. Today, we’ll look at how university can transform who you are and help you understand what makes you tick.

You may have a ton of questions about your future, and that’s completely normal. You might be overwhelmed trying to decide on how to think about your future, your education, your friends, your family, and how you’ll fit in to this new life you’re starting out.

As we previously discussed, university opens up a world of choices for you that you never had before. While you’re attending school, you’re going to learn not just a whole new set of ideas; you’re going to learn who you are, what your passions are, what really excites you, what you want to change in the world and how you’re going to make a difference.

Learn about Your Potential

Up until now, you’ve been exposed to relatively few experiences. Unless your parents travelled the world with you, you’ve probably not seen much more than your hometown and maybe a few big cities around Australia. Stepping into university opens you up to a whole new world of ideas, experiences, people and concepts.

You’ll learn just what you’re capable of and how you work under pressure. You’ll find out how to navigate deadlines, find out just how you compare to others in the same activities and you’ll get a better understanding of what you’re able to do. You’ll unlock your potential for work, for relationships and for determining your future. What an exciting time!

Learn your Interests

Most students start their university life with a few different classes. Even if you don’t know what you’re interested in, by taking a range of courses, even ones you’d never ordinarily consider, it opens you up to learn what truly interests you.

In your studies, you’ll come across so many different ideas that you’re bound to be excited by one idea. You’ll learn about what interests you even outside of class as you interact with students from all parts of the country. It’s the perfect way to find out what sort of activities, what courses, what fields you are interested in and it will help you figure where you want to go in the future. Just be open to new ideas and you’ll find something you thought you’d like.

Learn New Skills

Moving out of home and to stay at school is a huge step. It’s a steep learning curve, but it’s a great way to make that transition from being dependent on somebody to being independent. You make the decisions about how to spend your money, where to go on the weekends, whether or not you should stay up all night binging on Netflix (Spoiler alert; probably not a good idea).

You need to learn these things for yourself and university is a great place to do it. It will softly help you make that transition into becoming an adult, making your own decisions and living your own life.

We believe that university is still a great decision for young people today. The things you’ll get to learn and experience far outweigh any of the negative comments we hear. See if you aren’t blown away by how much you’ll learn about the world (and about yourself) in university when you enrol after school. You won’t look back.


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Should I Go To University?

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Should I Go To University? Make Your Choice


I think it’s time to address some of the questions many of you have about going on to tertiary education. I understand that it might be daunting, and some might not see it as worthwhile, but let’s just see if university does have something to offer you.

You’ve probably heard about the stories of people who’ve dropped out of university, or never went in the first place and went on to found successful businesses, making their millions in the process. You might be tempted to say that’s a good reason not to go to school. That’s a one-sided picture of reality.

Universities still offer young Australians a leg up in today’s society here and around the world. You’ll have more opportunities and higher salary options available to you. It’s our firm belief that university is still worth your time, as long as you put the work in. You’ve probably also heard many stories about people who have a degree but it’s useless because they didn’t need it, or didn’t actually know why they were going to university in the first place.

Let’s take a look at why we believe university is still a solid decision for young people wanting to build a future for their selves.

We believe university is all about choices, and it’s a great lead in to why you should enrol after school.

Choose Your Courses

All throughout your schooling you’ve had a run of courses chosen for you, either by your parents, your friends, or the government. Besides an elective or two, it’s mainly not been your decision. That all changes in university.

All of a sudden, everything is your choice. It can be overwhelming to suddenly have that choice pushed at you, but it’s actually pretty freeing and fulfilling to be able to make a choice out the courses that interest you and the career path you want to take. Now you get to pick a class that you’re excited about and that interests you.

Choose Your School

Once again, you probably didn’t have much say in the school you attended. It was simply the one closest to your house, or maybe the only one available in your town. Now, you have the whole country, and the rest of the world of schools to choose from. You can decide what’s important to you, and make your choice of school on your personal preferences.

Do you want to remain close to home? Do you want to pursue internationally recognised schools? Do you want the chance to study something in another country? Do you want a specialised school in your chosen field? You have the freedom to make these decisions now.

Choose Better Careers

It’s no wonder so many people choose to go to university. Not only can you choose your course, choose you school, but you can also choose your career. You have so many more options when you have a degree. You’re unfortunately limited when you don’t have a university education in the kinds of careers you want to pursue. While it’s true that many people make their own careers without needing a degree, your choices in the career market open up so much more when you have that education backing you up.

University is the right choice for your future. Make the right move by enrolling in a university and watch your world open up.

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