Should I Go To University?

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Should I Go To University? Make Your Choice


I think it’s time to address some of the questions many of you have about going on to tertiary education. I understand that it might be daunting, and some might not see it as worthwhile, but let’s just see if university does have something to offer you.

You’ve probably heard about the stories of people who’ve dropped out of university, or never went in the first place and went on to found successful businesses, making their millions in the process. You might be tempted to say that’s a good reason not to go to school. That’s a one-sided picture of reality.

Universities still offer young Australians a leg up in today’s society here and around the world. You’ll have more opportunities and higher salary options available to you. It’s our firm belief that university is still worth your time, as long as you put the work in. You’ve probably also heard many stories about people who have a degree but it’s useless because they didn’t need it, or didn’t actually know why they were going to university in the first place.

Let’s take a look at why we believe university is still a solid decision for young people wanting to build a future for their selves.

We believe university is all about choices, and it’s a great lead in to why you should enrol after school.

Choose Your Courses

All throughout your schooling you’ve had a run of courses chosen for you, either by your parents, your friends, or the government. Besides an elective or two, it’s mainly not been your decision. That all changes in university.

All of a sudden, everything is your choice. It can be overwhelming to suddenly have that choice pushed at you, but it’s actually pretty freeing and fulfilling to be able to make a choice out the courses that interest you and the career path you want to take. Now you get to pick a class that you’re excited about and that interests you.

Choose Your School

Once again, you probably didn’t have much say in the school you attended. It was simply the one closest to your house, or maybe the only one available in your town. Now, you have the whole country, and the rest of the world of schools to choose from. You can decide what’s important to you, and make your choice of school on your personal preferences.

Do you want to remain close to home? Do you want to pursue internationally recognised schools? Do you want the chance to study something in another country? Do you want a specialised school in your chosen field? You have the freedom to make these decisions now.

Choose Better Careers

It’s no wonder so many people choose to go to university. Not only can you choose your course, choose you school, but you can also choose your career. You have so many more options when you have a degree. You’re unfortunately limited when you don’t have a university education in the kinds of careers you want to pursue. While it’s true that many people make their own careers without needing a degree, your choices in the career market open up so much more when you have that education backing you up.

University is the right choice for your future. Make the right move by enrolling in a university and watch your world open up.

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Do I Make Money or Be Happy?

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Finding the Right Career for YouMake Money or Be Happy

Maybe you’ve only ever thought that you can make money or be happy when you choose your career. That seems like an extremely hard choice, right? Either you find a job that makes you satisfied and happy to go to work every morning, or you get a job you despise purely because it pays well.

How do you choose?

Maybe we can suggest that the two aren’t your only options or that they aren’t mutually exclusive. There’s always another way to think about it.

Being Happy With Your Job

As you browse the internet, you’ll probably come across quotes that say stuff like, “When you wake up every morning excited to do your job, you’ll never work a day in your life”. That makes you think that you should find a job that makes you happy. Right?

Not necessarily.

Being happy is what people think it’s like when you’ve made it, when you’re sitting on the top of success, when you’ve gotten everything in life you’ve ever wanted. That’s when you’re happy. Only, that’s a horrible way to look a life. Because nobody ever feels like they’ve achieved everything they ever wanted. Even the richest person looks at something they don’t have and works to attain that.

It’s a poor definition of the word, though. Life isn’t about being happy; it’s about being satisfied. You should find meaning in what you do. That little transformation makes all the difference in how you choose a career. If you find meaning in it, if you can find satisfaction in your job being well done, that make you satisfied. You might not be ‘happy’ all the time, but you have meaning, which matters much more.

Making Money with Your Job

The other side of the coin is that many people choose a job because it gives them money. They might not like it, they might not have wanted it growing up, but it pays pretty well. Seeking a satisfying paycheque isn’t bad; it just shouldn’t be the end goal of how you choose a career.

Haven’t you ever wondered how you hear all those stories of people who’ve won the lottery continuing to be miserable, losing all their money within a few years, and feeling worse off than ever? Haven’t you wanted to just have the chance to test to see if that would be true for you? Money might not buy happiness, you say, but I sure would like to find out for myself.

Studies show that after a certain point of income, money does nothing for us anymore. We seek a paycheque to avoid the pain, not to gain happiness. Once you have enough money to avoid a painful life, that’s all that matters.

That means that it’s not a bad thing to seek out a career that makes you money, but you shouldn’t try to find satisfaction from it. Your satisfaction should come from somewhere else than your money. You should be defined not by your career (“I’m a doctor. I’m a pharmacist. I’m a solicitor”), but as a person who happens to have this profession (“I’m an avid fisherman who happens to practice law. I love to bake cakes when I’m not at the pharmacy.”)

Should you make money or be happy with your job? It turns out you can have both.

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