You think you’ve got it tough?

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As we reach the more difficult stages of the climb up Mount HSC it is both easy and common for students to start to feel like the challenge of the HSC is too much to cope with as they start to forget what is at the top of the mountain(Why they are climbing it) and instead focus on their immediate experience of being “over it”.

It might be worth reminding you at this point on what I believe the HSC is all about. It’s about dealing with a big challenge that is put on the table in front of you. It’s about saying “Hello Challenge, let’s do this”. This challenge can either push us around or we can embrace the challenge and take control of our situation.

If we embrace the challenge then students are able to create a path towards the peak of Mount HSC and remain in a “toward state” (a positive state). Conversely if a student says “this is all too hard” they will be put into an “away” state which disempowers students to be able to build there path to the top of Mount HSC.

When I came across this Ted talk by Amy Purdy this week, it reminded me of what is really possible if we believe that change really is possible for us (that is, having a growth mindset).

If Amy Purdy can achieve what she has then you can get to the top of your Mount HSC. I know you can.


Each week we put up motivational and inspirational videos to provide a different perspective on dealing with and overcoming challenges and obstacles.

Below is a screen shot of the student dashboard.

Student dashboard in the student portal




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Closing enrolments for HSC 2015

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We will be closing enrolments on May 15th for any new student completing the HSC in 2015.

Past years have proven to us that if a student starts too late in the year, they arrive in the office in absolute ‘Panic Mode’. This can impact existing students and demand additional resources which at this late stage are all part of crisis management rather than formulating a long term plan for success.

If you are aware of anyone who would like to enrol but has not yet completed the registration process, please advise them to contact as very soon.

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