Strategies to get you to the peak of your Mount HSC – #1 – Stretch and Challenge

Posted by on Feb 1, 2015 in Blog Posts |

Over the next few weeks I will outline the study strategies which, if followed, will ensure you achieve the very best HSC result you can.

There will always be the natural gravitation towards working on the tasks which allow you to operate in your comfort zone(making notes is a great example of this)  however the additional marks you are looking for can only be found outside your comfort zone.

As I say to my students every day, every HSC student starts the year with the exact number of hours before the final exams however how a student uses those hours is the most important single factor in determining the final HSC result. Follow these strategies to ensure that your study time is the most efficient it can be.

In this post we look at the most important strategy of all “Stretch and Challenge”. Without stretch and challenge and a willingness to operate outside your comfort zone when studying there will be little improvement regardless of how well intentioned a student is with their study.



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