Weekend Support Session Coaches: 21st – 23rd November

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This Weekend’s Support Session Coaches:


Weekend Support Sessions


Subject Specialties

  Friday 14th November: Bondi (4pm – 7pm)  Sam, Mash, Joe All levels of Maths, All levels of English, Economics, Chemistry, Biology & Religion
  Friday 14th November: Mosman (4pm – 7pm)  Rachel, Angel, Isobel All levels of Maths, Chemistry, English, Modern & Ancient History, Economics, Physics, PDHPE, Religion
  Saturday 15th November: Bondi (1pm – 4pm)  Emma, Quan English Extension, Maths Extension, History, Drama, French, Physics & Legal Studies
  Sunday 16th November: Bondi (10am – 1pm)  Joe, Emma, Sam Chemistry, History Extension, Legal Studies, Drama, Latin and all levels of English, Biology
  Sunday 16th November: Bondi (1:15pm – 4:15pm)  Mash, Nechama, Sam English Extension, 4 unit Maths, Chemistry, Modern History, Biology, Visual Arts & Economics
  Sunday 16th November: Mosman (10am – 1pm)  Fiona, Ethan, Angel, Isobel All levels of Maths, English Extension 1, Ancient & Modern History, Chemistry, PDHPE


Take advantage of the range of expertise we have in the office to support you towards your dream ATAR!


Weekend support sessions




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Introducing our Study Burst Sessions

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Study Burst Sessions – Sometimes you just need to get some concentrated work done. 

Just like a gym has different styles of classes to support members achieve their fitness goals, at HSC CoWorks we are introducing a new style of session to support students achieve their HSC Vision. The Study Burst Session is based on the time management tool taking over the world, the Pomodoro Technique, which allows for 25 minutes of focused effort followed by 5 minutes of break followed by another 25 minutes of focused effort.

Study Burst sessions using the pomodoro technique

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